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Human Intestinal Absorption Print

Predicting human intestinal absorption of drugs is very important for identify potential drug candidate. In PreADMET can predict percent human intestinal absorption (%HIA). Human intestinal absorption data are the sum of bioavailability and absorption evaluated from ratio of excretion or cumulative excretion in urine , bile and feces.

[ Zhao,Y.H. et al. J. Pharm. Sci. 2001, 90, 749. ]


For prediction of HIA in PreADMET, chemical structures at pH 7.4 are applied, because HIA is measured by in vivo test. This is one of options of PreAMDET and user can choose for this option.


Although there are some differences in the experimental values by compounds or their metabolisms, we can put into general categories like below.

[ Yee,S. Pharm. Res. 1997, 14, 763. ]



HIA (Human Intestinal Absorption)

Poorly absorbed compounds

0 ~ 20 %

Moderately absorbed compounds

20 ~ 70 %

Well absorbed compounds

70 ~ 100 %


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